Vein & Vascular Repair
Oregon Medical & Laser (formerly Cascade Medical)
Oregon Medical & Laser (formerly Cascade Medical)
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  • Vein & Vessel Treatments

    Our solutions cover sclerotherapy, laser treatment and RF technology that will help 
    restore the glow you remember; surgery-free!

Vein & Vascular Care

We offer gold-standard intravenous Asclera injections alongside our FDA-approved 1064 Nd:YAG laser and electrosurgical unit, with capabilities to let us treat a variety of vascular complaints, including leg varicose veins, small vessels on the face and body (known as telangiectasias,) and port wine stains. Most have permanent resolution, with others needing periodic touch-up procedures.

Radio Frequency for spider vein treatments is a method  that uses radio frequency energy to damage the walls inside a vein and then closes the walls of the vein. Studies show that it is effective for 88 out of 100 patients.

Sclerotherapy for spider vein treatments consists of a medication injection into the spider veins using a small needle. The medication causes the vein to contract and then eventually disappear. We often recommend compression stockings  for 3 to 7 days post treatment to help maximize our patients results.

Spider Vein & Rosacea Laser Treatment

Treating spider veins, and rosacea with our Gentle Max Pro® creates a beam of high-intensity light that penetrates deeply into skin tissue, where it delivers a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to the targeted blood vessels. The GentleMax Pro® protects the upper layers of your skin with a cooling burst of cryogen. Together, the long-pulse laser and DCD cooling offer optimal treatment with minimal side effects.

The complexity of spider veins can differ from person to person. Book an aesthetic consult with our derm specialist to see what solutions can work for you.

Veins on Your Nose

Spider veins on the nose can even be painful. In the past, reduction of nose veins almost always required vein surgery. Now, Oregon Medical & Laser has the ability to offer a much simpler way to effectively reduce the appearance of these nose veins with laser vein treatment. The GentleMax Pro Plus® Laser Vein Reduction device is a powerful laser from Candela that targets unwanted spider veins with a multi-wavelength light system.