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Oregon Medical & Laser (formerly Cascade Medical)
Oregon Medical & Laser (formerly Cascade Medical)
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    Clinic Policies & Terms

    Please review our policies and contact any of our staff with questions regarding your next appointment.

Late Arrival Policy

We want every patient to enjoy their experience and time at OML. We also want to respect the time and effort everyone has made to come to their appointment and want to avoid delaying patients that may be scheduled directly after your procedure. We may cancel or reschedule your appointment if you are more than 10 minutes late. There is a $25 non-refundable fee due that is applied and will be charged to your card on file.


We've implemented new technology to help make your experience as seamless as possible. This allows the system to hold your card-on-file when booking an appointment. Our systems encrypt your information and do not allow employees to view your card information in order to allow us to be in compliance with PCI DSS policies, and for your protection. Employees are only able to confirm the card type (Visa, Master, etc.) and the last four digits of your card number that you have on file. They cannot edit or change individual details of the card, and will be required to collect all new card data if you are wishing to have a transaction processed over the phone with a new card.

By Default: The last card used will be the card utilized to process refunds or charges (such as deposits for future appointments or payments for product, etc.)

What is a card on file mean for me?

Making it easier for your visit

The last card you used online or provided to us while making an appointment will be stored as the 'card-on-file'

This means that the payment information is stored in an encrypted system for future use and is a part of a standard process utilized for online transactions, including subscriptions you may have (like Spotify or Netflix) and allows you to easily make future appointments, purchase products and services, etc.

Is my information secure?

Exceeding the standards set by the industry

Managing your credit card information is important to us, as fellow credit card holders, we'd never like the idea of our card information 'floating about' without knowledge of who has access to it. Merchant's that process credit cards are required to comply with PCI DSS, a strict set of regulations that inform merchants how to handle card data. We've implemented a third-party solution that encrypts and tokenizes your information and restricts what employees have access to it. This is called Personally Identifiable Information (or PII). This information is managed separately so that it cannot be accessed, even in the event of a breach.

It is no longer legal for a business to collect your payment information and store it via paper form or to not have published policies on how they manage your data and stay compliant with PCI DSS. 

Can I opt out of the card-on-file option?

Feel Free and Connect With Us

This process has been automated to increase the security and safety of your card information and reduce the administrative tasks on our staff. Additionally, this ensures we are able to prevent fraud or abuse of our services and booking system by validating the card information to the account. 

Your card information is removed automatically if your account becomes dormant or inactive due to no activity or bookings.

Account and Card-on-File data is a part of your agreement to be a patient with us. However, in the unfortunate event you wish to close your patient file with us, you can request removal of your card data. However, any new or future bookings you request would require the information again to confirm your booking.

Connect with any of our staff members if you have questions about this policy or would like more specific information regarding your situation.


The cost of doing business is high, and we want to do everything to keep our costs down while also being fair to our service providers who rely on your appointment. We understand that every day things come up, so we've compromised by keeping our cancellation charges to a minimum.


  1. For cancellations with less than 24-hour notice, there will be a $25-$100 non-refundable fee applied depending on the type of service you booked.
  2. NO CALL/NO SHOWS WILL BE CHARGED the full cost of materials or product that may have been prepared or drawn for you, as the room was prepared for your appointment (e.g. Lidocaine, Injectables prepped/drawn, etc.). For certain fillers or injectables, we may be able to refrigerate or hold product to prevent contamination and full loss, but you will be responsible for the rebooking fee and only if we have an appointment slot available. This is dependent on the product and procedure - We cannot violate manufacturers recommendations or safety requirements.
  3. We understand life has emergencies - we may allow your fee to be applied toward a future appointment unless abuse or overuse of this policy is detected. This includes repeated last-minute cancellations due to reported illness.

We will send an email confirmation on the day you initiate a booking. You may opt in for additional SMS/Text reminders or email alerts, but we do not want to overload our patients with excessive communications and offer the ability for you to tailor your communication style. Patients will be expected to make a note of the appointment they requested in whatever calendar system they use.


Our new laser technologies (both Candela and Lumenis) require the full removal of hair - whether for tattoo removal or for laser hair removal. Unlike the old days of IPL or Diode lasers, patients should fully shave the area they wish to have treated - no stubble or growth should be present. This is not only for your health, but equally important for the comfort experienced during your treatment and safety of you and your provider. 

Please shave the day of your appointment. In a situation where you arrive and were not able to sufficiently shave your treatment area, there will be a supplemental service charge that could be up to $100 in addition to your treatment, depending on the size of the treatment area. For unexpectedly large areas requiring shaving, we may need to rebook your appointment. If you believe you would need assistance for a particular area, please advise us ahead of time before your appointment!


Our facility is subject to full HIPAA and OHA regulations and restrictions regarding the management of patients. This is due to the nature of our practice as we perform minor surgeries/surgical procedures, in addition to our injectables. We have an in-house physician and medical director and employee staff that are certified and regulated by the Oregon Health Authority and individual or respective medical boards based on their credentials. Therefore, our records management policy requires strict adherence for regulatory compliance and your safety. 

New patients will be asked to complete paperwork that may be done electronically or in-person. 

All patients will be required to submit new paperwork each year or 12 months after their last service or when a new policy, privacy notice, or regulation is in effect.

We use a third-party compliance company to help ensure your records are secured, up-to-date, and aligned with any federal or state ordnances that apply to our facility.

Your financial records are separate from your medical records. If you have a doctor or provider at a new facility that initiates a records request, we are only able to provide them with medically relevant treatment records that do not include financial data. 

We may also require supplemental consent forms if there is a state requirement due to a health restriction - similar to what we all experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. If such a restriction (or similar limitation) comes into effect again, we will notify patients to the best of our ability ahead of their appointment. 

Are you short on time? We can have your paperwork filled out remotely ahead of your booking so that you can arrive and check-in without issue!