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Oregon Medical & Laser (formerly Cascade Medical)
Oregon Medical & Laser (formerly Cascade Medical)
Northwest Nurtured. Expertly Treated.
  • from Cascade Medical to
    Oregon Medical & Laser

    More than a new name, OML is blending advanced technologies, the best tools, an experienced team and effective services that will help you glow

Welcome to the new Oregon Medical & Laser

What's in a name?

Oregon Medical & Laser is a distinguished aesthetic derm care center that calls the breathtaking landscapes of Portland and the Pacific Northwest home. Born in 2020 as Cascade Medical Spa & Cascade Tattoo Removal, we've evolved, expanded, and rebranded to more accurately reflect the full spectrum of our advanced medical and aesthetic services. Read more below:

Our Evolution

Oregon Medical & Laser started by offering foundational services such as laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal with approachable and opening seven days a week for convenience. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, we soon realized the potential to offer more advanced and comprehensive care to our patients. We underwent a pivotal transformation by extending our suite of services to include RF microsurgery, CO2 ablative surgical aesthetic services, and a multitude of cutting-edge aesthetic and dermatological solutions, marking our transition to Oregon Medical & Laser. Introducing advanced new lasers allows us to focus on everything from scar reduction, complex mole removal, plus fractional skin resurfacing and Collagenesis. 

Mole Removal using RF microsurgery device

Our Commitment

Oregon Medical & Laser is dedicated to combining the modality of services available with clinical precision and expertise. We strive to provide an environment where clients feel understood, cared for, and confident in the transformative journey they are embarking on with us. 

Our Mission & Vision

It's time to glow-up. Our mission is to empower our patients by providing clinically proven solutions designed to enahnce their natural essence. We are passionate about fostering an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, and kidness, where the well-being and satisfaction of our patients are at the forefront of everything we do. Our vision is to become a beacon in the Portland Metro area of clinical excellence and innovation in the field of medical aesthetics and dermatology, inspiring confidence and enrishing lives through personalized care and outcome plans using advanced solution.

We warmly welcome you to the new Oregon Medical & Laser, where the spirit of the Northwest merges with clinical excellence to bring out your true glow.

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Our Services

From laser services to advanced injectables, schedule a consult to see how we can help glow

Primary Care

Neuromodulators, Tox, and Injectables

RF, PRP, and Advanced Micro needling

Hair Restoration Solutions

Laser Tattoo Removal using PicoWay

Modern Laser Hair Removal

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