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Oregon Medical & Laser (formerly Cascade Medical)
Oregon Medical & Laser (formerly Cascade Medical)
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  • Moles, Skin Tags, Warts & Acute Skin Treatments

    At OML, our technology options allow for mole and skin tag removal and a variety of skin concerns with either laser, radio frequency or shave excisions.

RF Removal of a patient before and six-weeks after - the patient was left with virtually zero social down-time or wound exposure.

Multiple Treatment Options

Moles, also known as nevi, are fleshy growths from the skin and can have a variable appearance. While some moles can be safely removed, others may need to be monitored or biopsied. Skin tags, like moles, are growths from the skin which often develop in areas of friction, such as around the neck and under the arms. 

Moles are a common skin concern that can be found anywhere on the skin and are typically brown in color. Moles on the skin come in various shapes and sizes. Moles can appear anywhere on the skin and can be found in clusters by themselves. They can be present at birth or develop over time. Many patients choose to have their moles or skin tags removed as a precautionary measure, or because they dislike the appearance.

Papules are domed, solid lesions which can be found alone, or in groups. Freckles, or ephelis, are nests of melanin within the skin, leading to a darker appearance than surrounding skin. Freckles respond best to removal with lasering, as this prevents the risk of surgical scarring. Like moles, skin tags and papules can be easily removed with our preferred method of removal, radiosurgery. Radiosurgery, or radio frequency surgery, is carried out by vaporizing the tissue, while allowing for the least risk of scarring after the procedure.

Real Results from 
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Before and 3 week post-healing follow-up

Before and 2-week post-healing follow-up

Before and immediately after treatment